In January 2018, I led a team of two designers and a developer to create a new brand identity, packaging, and marketing website with an e-commerce platform for Blistabloc, a new shoe insert that prevents blisters from forming. During this project, I pulled on my experience designing packaging and UX & UI from Vers and Experience Magazine. As project lead, I was able to push myself creatively as a designer, master the role of creative director, and get a hands on experience with project and client management.

This is one of the visual identity’s we created during our design exploration phase.

This is one of the visual identity’s we created during our design exploration phase.

Research & Design exploration

I kicked off the project with my designers, Sarah and Stephanie, by learning more about Blistabloc’s customers and competition. We conducted several brand identity exercises with the client to determine the brand’s values and its core identity.  With their core values pinpointed and their competition identified we collected various brands, packaging, and posters for inspiration. After completing these brand and design exploration activities, I created a creative brief detailing all our findings and set clear goals and deliverables for the remainder of the project for my team as well as our client.



For the packaging, we began exploring various different envelope types and exploring how to use color, type, and line to create a bold and an empowering brand that encouraged customers to take the leap and eliminate blisters from their life. With the packaging we wanted to create something that it would be easy for the client to ship to customers and would be easy to produce, while still being unique, stylish, fun, and educational about the product.

At the beginning stages of design for the packaging, I was working closely with Sarah in brainstorming and exploring different ways we could achieve our objective for the brand. As the packaging design segment of the project progressed, I took on the role of creative director and provided constructive criticism to improve packaging and ensure that the brand presence aligned on the packaging and the marketing site.


UX & UI Design

For the marketing site with an e-commerce platform, we wanted to create a user-friendly, educational site, while remaining visually bold and fun. We worked on packaging in tandem with designing wireframes of the website. The customers experience was at the forefront of our minds during the entire process. After solidifying our UX designs, Steph and I jumped in head first applying the visual identity from the packaging to the website. Our goal was to create a dynamic site that used the curves of the lines to create a bold and dynamic visual experience for the user. With the addition animations by Sarah and me, we were able to create a more engaging and fun site. Furthermore, I revised some of the site’s informational copy while maintaining a fun, friendly, and engaging tone in an effort to increase new customer purchases.

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