In January 2017, I rejoined Scout as a designer to work on  Experience Magazine, a publication of Northeastern University, with a team of two designers and two developers. Experience Magazine is a new online publication that explores the growing interest in how the human experience affects science, business, and culture. This project was my first real experience designing a responsive website as well as working closely with developers. I welcomed the challenge and was excited to dive right in. In my role on the team, I collaborated on establishing a brand identity and building an interactive website that would reflect the magazine’s mission to present innovative topics and articles to the Northeastern community and the world at large.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 4.29.23 PM.png


We began the project by looking at different popular news sources such as Vox, The Atlantic, The New York Times, MIT Technology Review, Bloomberg, and Five ThirtyEight to see how they were creating a homepage and laying out their articles and sections. This competitor research was extremely important to how I created the visual look of my wireframes. I wanted to create a clean, easy-to-use homepage and article page with unconventional elements to create depth in the user’s experience with the webpage. 


Designing UX/UI

Throughout the semester,  we used the agile process to ensure that we would have a product that our client could use. We first designed the article page, followed by designing the homepage and our section head pages. I worked primarily on designing the section pages. I incorporated large images that utilize an unconventional modular layout to make Experience Magazine unique as well as allow the editors to draw attention to specific articles. I also worked closely with Vanessa, my project lead on the team, to design the homepage and to create the layout of each section within the homepage. We worked on creating an aggregated content section titled “Our Picks” that had the same visual language yet conveyed to the reader that this content was made by outside sources.

homepage-current copy 2.jpg

here's the site in action