Figure 5

My High School Graphic Design class assigned a final project to create the packaging and the brand for a beverage based off an exhibit in the Natural History Museum. I chose to create Figure 5, an organic, sparkling juice beverage for consumers searching for a healthy alternative to soda.



When I first began brainstorming for the labels, I was inspired by the hand writing of the notation next to the graphic yet accurate illustrations of the plants and animals in the studies of scientists such as Charles Darwin. This led to the combination of a highly-rendered image of the ingredients for each flavor and the short hand notation of the title Fig. 5.


Label design

For the labels, I began to illustrate the fruits and ingredients for each of the flavors. I wanted the illustrations to be a graphic interpretation of the scientific drawings. I decided to use vibrant textures as the backgrounds to give the labels a playful yet natural feel to encourage consumers to buy the product. For the typefaces on the label I chose a serif font for the title and a handwritten script font for the flavor and brand bio; I wanted the bottle label to feel handmade yet mature and sophisticated. Finally, I chose a clear classic glass soda bottle to allow for the consumer to see the product and showcase that this beverage is a healthier soda option.